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   Sea and War Captain Alexandre Tito dos Santos Xavier joined the Brazilian Navy through a competitive examination for the Colégio Naval, in Angra dos Reis, in 1984. He graduated from the Escola Naval in 1991, being appointed Second Lieutenant in 1992. During his career served on numerous ships of the Brazilian Navy, such as: Patrol Ship Pirajá, Frigate Independência, Frigate Niterói, Frigate União, Aerodrome Ship São Paulo, Ship-School Brazil and Monitor Parnaíba. In addition, he has served on Force Command Staffs, including: Surface Force Command (Logistics Officer), 1st Squadron Division Command (Chief of Staff), and 2nd Squadron Division Command (Squad Officer) Operations), Fleet Forces Command – United States Navy (Brazilian Navy Liaison Officer with the United States Navy) and United Nations Maritime Task Force Interim Force in Lebanon (FTM – UNIFIL) and was the Deputy Director from the Navy Technological Center in São Paulo, and was transferred to the Brazilian Navy's paid reserve in March 2020.

    Among his main commissions, the following stand out: Officer of the Patrol Ship Pirajá, the reception of the São Paulo Aerodrome Ship in France , Head of the Armament Department of the School-Ship Brazil, Commander of Monitor Parnaíba , Officer of Frigate Independência, Liaison Officer of the Brazilian Navy with the US Navy, Chief of Staff of the Command of the 1st Division of the Fleet,  Commander of the Rio de Janeiro Naval Base which is the main naval base of the Brazilian Navy, and Deputy Director of the Technological Center of the Navy in São Paulo (CTMSP) which is the organization responsible for the Navy's Nuclear Program.

    CMG Tito participated in several naval operations in the country and abroad with foreign navies . In addition to having been an officer instructor on some occasions, and having had great experience in the field of Intelligence with courses held in the Navy and the US Navy ( Information Assurance Awareness ). Most of his career was dedicated to naval operations, having always been on board ships and operational staffs.

    His participation in the peace mission of the United Nations Organization in Lebanon (UNIFIL) for a year as Planning Officer of the Multinational Maritime Task Force is noteworthy.

   It has decorations from the Brazilian Navy, the Brazilian Army, the United States Navy and the United Nations, in addition to other organizations such as:

- Military Medal and Gold Passer (third decade);

- Marine Merit Medal – 4 Anchors;

- Merit Tamandaré Medal;

- Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal-USA;

- Marshal Trompowsky Medal;

- United Nations Organization - United Nations Medal;

- Merito Amfibio Medal - 1 Anchor;

- Order of Naval Merit – Official degree;

- Medal of the OMP - Peacekeeping Operations - Brazilian Veterans Organization of the United Nations; and

- Necklace “Admiral Álvaro Alberto da Mota e Silva”.

   He took several career courses, including: General Staff Course for Senior Officers at the Naval War College (EGN) and the Advanced Studies in Politics and Strategy Course at the War College; training abroad and has a Master Business of Administration (MBA) degree in Business Management from COPEAD-UFRJ. In addition, it has the Seeds of Future Defense Course by the EGN Simulations and Scenarios Laboratory and the Use of Games in Governments: Concepts and Practices by the National School of Public Administration (ENAP).

    Published articles:

- Africa and Petroleum Geopolitics: Nigeria a strategic actor;

- The constitution of the Security Council in the 21st century;

- Sovereignty: is it in transformation?

- Threats to the security and defense of the State in the new world scenario: the role of the Navy in the 21st century; and

- The importance of the sea and inland waters for the Brazilian Navy.

   He gave lectures on Geopolitics during the years 2018 and 2019 in the Doctoral Program in Police Sciences of Security and Public Order, of the Center for Advanced Security Studies of the Military Police of the State of São Paulo and in the Association of Graduates of the Superior School of War, São Paulo regional office, ADESG-SP in 2021.

   He is currently an Instructor at the War Games Center at the Naval War College - EGN. In addition, he is also a Monograph Advisor for the General Staff Course for Senior Officials, and for the EGN Maritime Policy and Strategy Course, and a researcher at the Brazilian Network for Monitoring Seeds for the Future of Defense.

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